Cava You Heard that Jane Birkin is still desirable? / by Kim Mahair

Armed with delicious food from Cava Grill, gingham prints, and our affinity for Ms. Birkin, Sabrina London and I packed up and headed to Holmby Park yesterday for "work".

Cava Grill is like a Mediterranean Chipotle with many options customized to your liking. I'm madly in love with their pita chips and dips. Especially the Harissa. Holy heat. 

If you're not familiar, Sabrina is my style sage and baroness of babetown . She has an online vintage store called Alameda Vintage that you need to check out right now. 

No midday gathering would be complete without vodka. We grabbed our Tito's and mixed it with some of the refreshing tea from Cava. They are always putting out seasonal flavors. This time we went with the Vanilla Bean Lemonade. Nailed it.