Under Attack / by Kim Mahair

Woke up too early this morning after about an hour of sleep covered in welts. Apparently there ARE mosquitos in LA. I've been here for five years and don't recall them ever being an issue. Is it just me or are we in the midst of a plague? Will the swelling on my left eye ever go down? How old was Soon Yi when Woody Allen began sleeping with her?

Full of questions, I packed a quick bag, hopped in my jet lagged friend's car and off we headed to Malibu in search of answers and snacks. 

I think it's safe to say the there's nothing that can't be fixed with a huge ass breakfast burrito, Guacamole Salsa from Pacific Coast Greens and an ocean view. 


Whenever I go to the 'Bu, Pacific Coast Greens is a must. Their smoothies are reasonably priced and they offer a variety of healthy sides and sandwiches for your beach picnic.

Highly recommend the Green Lava smoothie with rice milk instead of grapefruit. Get your daily shot of E3 Live that way.